Friday, March 30, 2007

situation 2 and dream 5

Welcome back to writing, we haven´t seen you in many months.

It has been over a year since I last participated in a Situation.

A night of flourescent lights, stench, and mood swings from different souls
"te duele la espalda fuck it a mí me duele todo el alma"

with a stiff back and a sensitive chest
I set my alarm for 7:15am
I silently said "goodnight" and
laid down on my stomach and my melancholic thoughts quickly turned into fog.

I dreamt something quite boring
I was playing soccer with some kids
but instead of a ball we were kicking a red poker chip
and instead of a field of green grass were were playing indoors on thin grey carpet
I don´t know why I bothered playing
my back hurt, no one was on my team, and the kids were much more agile than me
Then I lightly kicked the chip with my right foot
The crowd roared and cheered!
I must of marked a goal!?
then I realized that it was 7:15am
the Raaaaaaaaa! was the static of my alarm clock
an unexisting radio station set on full volume.


And I came to my conscious
I was to help Marta with an unorganized, unlikely-feasible, bus project
The ghastly night before, the fluorescent studio lights
When I got on my feet would my back hurt?
Would we make history, a fool out of ourselves, or a police record????

I was to be the driver, la chófer, of Pepe's large van.
In Spanish, I was to ask the 18 freshman of Spanish 232
1) what country they were going to illegally immigrate to and
what type of work they hoped to do in the foreign country.
Then I was to drive around the block, picking up groups of students.
Marta was going to do the explaining: a simulated illegal immigration experience.
And she was going to record the event with a small video camera.
The catch: there were 20 of us total, and the van comfortably fits 10 human beings (regardless of legal status).

I was to wait in the van till she called me on my cell phone.
When she called I was to come out of the van and present myself as
la chófer to her students.

From the van I watched the class.
Marta standing, in that red fleece jacket, talking with her hands and
exaggerated facial expressions that I could recognize from a quarter-mile away.
Her students sitting around her on the cold dewy grass like sheep.

Then my phone rang.

To be continued...


Renee said...

Dear Megan, This reminds me a little of the border-crossing scene in Babel. Gael Garcia Bernal was the driver and his aunt was the passenger and her two charges were in the backseat: the white blonde-haired children of Brad Pitt. Gael tells the border patrol that the kids are their neice and nephew, which of course is a blatant lie and then chaos ensues. It's a very good movie that I think you would like. Glad you're staying in touch with your dreams. There's a dream interpreter online if you want to look for it and I think you have a book on it as well no? Cheers, Renee

whynotmate said...

jeje... and we also had a lot of fun !!!!