Monday, January 02, 2017

DRAFT papers from the MLA panel "The Cultural Dimensions of Resistance: Spain after the 15M"

Below you will find our short draft papers for the MLA Special Session "391: "The Cultural Dimensions of Resistance: Spain after the 15M." Moderated by the generous Malcolm Compitello. (More specifically, these four papers focus on the cultural politics of reclaiming public space in Madrid, Barcelona, and Sevilla.) Please email the authors if you'd like to use their ideas or if you'd like a copy of the longer version of their papers.

Ellis Schriefer, "Catharsis, Collective Identity and the Creation of Public Space in Madrid: Esta es una Plaza and El Campo de Cebada." (

Lena Tahmassian, "Nazario’s Plaza Real: The Porous Boundaries Between the Public and the Common." (

Sally Perret, "Creative Spaces: Contemporary Artistic Responses to Neoliberal Capitalism in Seville." (

Megan Saltzman, "Post-15M Colectivos Autogestionados for Inclusive Spaces: #FemPlaça, Germanetes, and Pla Buits." (

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