Monday, January 09, 2017

Ellis's Talk

In 2011 I had the luck of teaching a student in New Zealand who became very interested in the topics I've been researching (cultural phenomena in the public spaces in Spanish cities). On Friday something even more unprecedented happened to me: we got to present our research together side by side! She gave a very original and humanitarian talk based on her MA thesis about the importance of community-building in two self-governed spaces in Madrid (El campo de Cebada and Esta es una Plaza). Her speaking was clear and eloquent. The photos were her own, and the info came from interviews she conducted over several months with activists in Madrid. This made me feel very proud, like even though our field is being decimated and degraded, all this work has been worth it, it continues to be important! So, we had to celebrate with bubble tea. Levantad el té, la lucha sigue!

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