Sunday, January 10, 2016

next virtual reality discussion: Lefebvre's Rhythmanalysis

To those interested in theory related to urban space:
On Thurs. Jan 21 at 7pm Eastern US time we will discuss Henri Lefebvre's "Rhythmanalysis." This is a neat text on the rhythms, repetitions, and quiet hummings of our everyday contemporary urban life (maybe like street noise, store hours, traffic lights, doors opening/closing...). Unlike his other technical work on space, this text seems to be more focused on poetic types of temporalities in space. And since it's Lefebvre, I predict that the text will discern the capitalistic-political-philosophical life embedded in these rhythms. (I haven't read it yet.)
Like before, we'll be talking over a "virtual reality" platform (Second Life) which has its pros and cons (a con being that it can take a while to set up, so if you plan to join us, please give yourself time).
We usually talk in Spanglish/English/Spanish. Don't be shy, we are friendly!
If you need the text (I have it in English and Spanish), or help with set up, feel free to email me.
Basic instructions:
1. Download and install Firestorm:
2. Go to this URL address: (
(If it's your first time, somewhere in that process, in Second Life, you have to create an avatar.)

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