Monday, December 21, 2015

articles post-elections in Spain

A positive side to globalization.
How often does a political party announce a victory speech in two languages, one being for a universal public?
-- Communication that is knowledgeable of our global ties and unifies us in the struggle against social exclusion.
Video clip:

Spanish election: Podemos says results mean new political futu...
"Democracy has to reach the economy, so that human rights, as well as dignity, are not violated... history is ours, and it's the people who make it."Pablo Iglesias, the leader of Spain's left wing Podemos party reacts to achieving a fifth of the vote in the country's elections - and denying the ruling party a majority.
Posted by Channel 4 News on Monday, December 21, 2015

If you're interested in what happened in the Spanish elections yesterday, here is a good summary in English:…/spain-2015-election-results-podem…
and the fine details of what happens next without a clear majority:…/…/12/21/inenglish/1450684257_190223.html

Similarly, browsing around for an article to use in class about (my hero) Ada Colau, I found her website--humble, activistic, and (again, unprecedented in Spanish politicas) in three languages:

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