Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Story of Smallville

Part 1: Smallville

Today the sky is gray in the tiny town of Smallville, also known as the town of "Chestnut", not because it produces chestnuts (the climate in Smallville is much too dry and bitter-cold to cultivate chestnuts), but rather because, from afar, the brown rowhouses clustered together on top of this frozen hill resemble a chestnut, or so they say, for I can´t tell you for sure, as I am blind since birth.


Renee said...

I'd like to hear about the resident eccentric of Smallville who wanders around in parachute pants hunting for pretty patterns and colors and the other metaphorical bumblebees that must be hiding out somewhere!

Migue said...

Hey! London's skies are grey as well! And it is not a small-ville!

Matthew said...

hey megan!
Where will you be going for christmas? I have some friends from Ann Arbor who just moved south of Cedar Rapids a lil' bit. They like it okay but say its "boring". Really enjoyed seeing you and visiting as we passed by.

Portland is pretty super, but not having a job and sleeping on a couch and the floor in someone's living room isn't so super. I'll call you to catch up a lil bit.

wish you the best-take care,

Anonymous said...

reina ¿cuéntame cómo son las estrellas donde vives? tengo un secreto que contarte... pero antes dime ¿cómo son las estrellas donde vives?¿se ven a menudo?

Migue said...

No sé en Iowa, a ver lo que nos dice la Reina, Jefe, pero esta noche en Granada hay miles. Nos vemos pronto!