Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Se han ido

para México. ¿Qué será de ellas?

They packed their clothes
They packed their maps
Anxiety in one bag, Apathy in another
They packed their materials to make puppets.

And they left their watches here with me.
¿Qué será de ellas?

On the other side of the border
the magic trunk will open

and in front of the kitsch church
kitsch puppets will be born
to blow their horn
to the nosey kids in the streets
and the skinny dog with drippy teats
to the sun when it glows
and the dirt between their toes
¿Qué será de ellas?

confiscation, flat tires
contamination, dead batteries
coyotes, heat strokes
thieves, lost directions.

¿Qué será de ellas?!

1 comment:

Migue said...

Buen viaje aventureras! Have a nice trip through route 66!