Thursday, June 23, 2005

Dream 1: Apartment Searching and Hog Lynching

Last night I had some weird dreams. I went to see two apartments in Barcelona. The first, I went into the house, it was an American style house with carpet. It was obvious that it had been recently cleaned. It was an international group of students, the ones around the house that I met were friendly. I blond haired guy came up to me and said that he needs a lot of space so he’s moving into the vacant room and so now the vacant room is his old bed. I thought, ok. We went upstairs and saw the room he was going to take, it was beautiful and large, like 20 ft by 50 ft and had a panoramic view over Barcelona, and the floor was covered in hairless sky-blue carpet, almost like a quality-flannel sheet. When I saw the view the clouds were Scandinavian style, heavy, fluffy, gray, navy and white. Then the guy who was showing me around showed me where my room would be. He showed me a room about 1/3 size of the first, and a bed that had two mattresses, the bottom mattress was much larger than the one on top, that made a weird bed. Further, it was a shared room, there was a single mattress on the floor nearby where someone else sleeps. I asked how much this was going for and he said 525 (euros). I thought oh my god but I didn’t say anything. I asked how many people lived there and he either said 10 and so I thought they are really ripping me off, but I continued downstairs with the guide. The house was nice and it was enormous. I chatted a bit with the international students, I got a long well with them, I felt comfortable, like I could live there but then occasionally the thought of the rip-off they were offering me came back in my head. Then next thing I was off to some traditional festival outside with them. There were a lot of people outside, gathering around for the festival leaving a path vacant, I supposed a parade or something would come down it. Then it began. I think there was music. Then came a group of men carrying a very large hog, it had hair like an ox, brown and fluffy, and it was inside something that looked like a cage. Anyway three males dressed as Roman soldiers came walking down the path carrying the animal and everyone cheered. The hogs eyes were big and round. I thought oh my god what are they going to do? so I asked one of the students next to me. He said it was a hog BBQ festival like the one’s down south (U.S.), that they were going to eat it. and I asked how they were going to kill it. he said that, like always, the normal way, you make it drink a lot of oil, and then then men hang on to its legs while one shoves a long kebob pole through it’s body and then you put it all over fire. I was totally disgusted (still am as I write this), I covered my eyes with my hands, backed off, turned around, and ran away.

Then I was at a dentist office near the house I had just seen. There was a dentist and his female assistant, both were Asian and trendy. The girl gave me a tube thing to put on my lower lip. After I took it off I realized my lower lip was numb and I got scared because that meant that she’s numbed my lip in order to have a shot there. The dentist turned around with (a large) syringe in his hand. I remember thinking that he no doubt wants to give me the shot because it’s an expensive serum so he’ll make a lot of money off of it. he tried to convince me, I said no. he acted as if he didn’t hear me and got closer. i was thinking, this shot is money-driven. I grabbed a hold of the syringe, squeezed the serum out on his pants and jumped out of the chair and ran. I think I might have accidently scraped the needle on his leg. He was violently furious, but I got away.

Next scene I was walking down the street (also in Barcelona I think) and there was some terrible storm coming. Now I don’t remember if it was a storm, an earthquake, or a war, I just remember I had to take cover. As in many of my dreams, my legs felt like there were made out of lead. I managed to get into some doorway. I pushed on the door and it opened. Behind me came the jewish-american NY family that lived there, I told them immediately that we all needed to take cover. They didn’t know how, so I showed them. I don’t remember what all happened but it was chaotic because my legs were heavy and there was so many of them and they were not taking this very seriously! I think I told them we needed to take the elevator down to the basement. Later on, the storm or whatever was over and we were deep into their home. it was another enormous American-style home. since it was big I asked them if they knew anything about a room/bed I could rent. I don’t remember if they answered me, but I think the answer was no. we were sitting on some beds in a room with like 20 unmade colorful kids beds, 10 sloppily lined up on one side of the wall and the same on the other side of the wall. One lady said, I know we have a lot of beds here but there´s 20 of us living in this house. I thought wow, that’s a lot of people.

Next thing I remember was that that family took me to the beach. I walked out onto a low peer with the father. The water was pretty, very greenish-clear color. I saw a ton of those ugly fish with large circle mouths that look like they are guzzling down large quantities of water. They were extra large, like 3-5 feet long. They grossed me out. I pointed them out to the father. They were everywhere. Next thing, for some reason we had to swim back to shore, we couldn’t take the peer back. anyhow I don’t know how or why but I found myself in the water overcoming my fear. I opened my eyes underwater and initially I was very frightened. Underwater, I saw that those ugly fish had large brown pointy teeth. Anyhow, I swam, I saw them and their terrible teeth underwater, and luckily, they didn’t bother me at all.

Through out all those scenes, I kept waking up (in real life) with the image/sensation (not the words) of “cool dry soft straight-hair.” I know what this is, this visual senstation is the opposite of what I expected to be feeling and what I was worrying about because the last three nights several times I woke up hot, sticky, frizzy hair, so when I woke up and didn’t feel hot and sticky the opposite image came to me (even though it wasn’t entirely true, my hair was frizzy).

Also, I know that the reason I dreamt the hog scene was because yesterday I was thinking about those gruesome lynchings parties they used to have down south and I saw a picture of one.

Finally, all that about finding an apartment/room/bed was because I’ve been thinking how time-consuming and psychologically-draining it has been to search for a place in Barcelona, something I would have to do if I come back in January.


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O Dear Megan! Please delete the stuff about hog lynching. It induces flashbacks of Lord of the Flies and it's too much!

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