Wednesday, June 22, 2005

10 days of Hanukkah, 9 lives

Perhaps, but I think she was dehydrated to the point where she didn't
even want food or water, cuz today she's been drinking like it's 1999.
But I don't doubt her days are numbered, because if the weather did
all that to her, she's not really doing too well. I meant she's a
Hanukkah miracle like the cat that keeps on giving. I don't doubt
perhaps she's Jesus. In all seriousness. That's why I was pretty
upset. Whiskers is my life-partner.


> actually i´ve solved the case. Ms. Whiskers went into
> the wood Tuesday morning, ate a large-sized bird, was
> so full she took a long nap in the woods, woke up many
> hours later, still full, she weakly wobbled home just
> to take another long nap and refuse her can of
> white-fish that mom offered her.
> ???
> --- wrote:
>> sorry.
>> she came back out of the woods eventually and was
>> still acting really weak
>> and not eating, but today she's totally fine. She's
>> a Hanukkah miracle.
>> Sorry to worry you, but I cried the better part of
>> yesterday, ask Dad.:)
>> xoxo
>> > yikes how did that happen? it must have been the
>> heat? what happened with those bumps on her? i guess
>> old house cat memory chapter has closed. hope you're
>> not feeling too bad, she was old and outlived my cat.
>> and mom fed her like a princess these last two years
>> > (maybe that's what got her, too much fatty
>> food?).?
>> >
>> > --- wrote:
>> >
>> >> Yeah,
>> >> I actually have all of those it looks like- well I
>> >> don't have Damien Rice.
>> >>
>> >> Whiskers died today.
>> >>
>> >> xoxo


mo said...

what hanukkah were you celebrating? there's 8 days. or are you counting the couple days before hanukkah when you've already ransacked mom's room and secretly opened your presents?

Anonymous said...

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