Tuesday, March 29, 2005

from the biblioteca

I’m sitting at the library (Biblioteca d’Arxiu Historic). A beautiful library,
on the 5th floor, on my left, through a very tall window, I can see over the crumbling Romanesque monastery, where pigeons have made their little homes within the cracks of the large grey millennia-old stones.
Anyhow, I really dislike the silence in libraries and museums, but today I heard music.
And it got louder.
I hear it nice and clearly now.
While the others continued reading and taking notes, I got up and went to over to look out one of those long library windows that face the Plaza Nova, I could hear the music even better now. And I saw where it was coming from. There below was a 60 person orchestra playing. About the same amount of people had gathered around the orchestra to listen.
The pigeons, who are viewing and listening from above, are flapping around like crazy. I think they´re happy with the music!
It is 70 degrees today, not humid, and clear blue skies with some soft clouds. It is 3:30pm, siesta time, and the streets are calm. This morning the streets smelled like spring, not like a sewage. Now it’s started to lightly rain, it's a spring rain.
It hasn't rained in months!
Back on my left, the pigeons are fighting over who gets into the facade's niches first.
he gargoyles guarding the monastery begin to drool.
The orchestra has disappeared. The plaza is deserted.
On days like this I'm grateful to be able to enjoy the bit spontaneity that´s left in this city.

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