Thursday, October 29, 2015

wabi sabi

dad has a camera on his cellphone now
so now I receive little gifts like this one
I've been reading about the Japanese aesthetic philosophy of "wabi sabi" and I can relate to it very much as a general way of life, I've found a little validation for some of my thoughts that often make me feel like the odd one out in this aggressive human ego competition that seeks perfection and superiority over one's fellow human being. I've always been fascinated with imperfection.
For me wabi sabi means resistance, kindness, difference, honesty.
Wabi sabi is an appreciation for and recognition of the fleeting imperfections and dependency in and around us:

"Wabi sabi embodies the nihilistic cosmic view and seeks beauty in the imperfection found in all things, in a constant state of flux, evolve from nothing and devolve back to nothing. Within this perpetual movement nature leaves arbitrary tracks for us to contemplate and it is these random flaws and irregularities that offer a model for the modest and humble. [. . . ] It embodies the melancholic appeal of the impermanence of all things. [. . . ] Impermanence, humility, asymmetry, and imperfect. These underlying principles are diametrically opposed to those of their Western counterparts, whole values are rooted in a Hellenic worldview that values permanence, grandeur, symmetry, and perfection..."
-A. Juniper

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