Thursday, August 07, 2008

por ti, mi globo rojo (post dissertation defense)

libre libre libre como un globo sin cuerda

free free free like a balloon without a string



the red balloon is optimism. it´s always bopping around around nearby when we look for it.

juliet binoche is the postmodern woman with too much on her plate. she´s also the depressed frenchperson who takes pleasure in gazing out windows while piano notes linger in the background. also, she reads out loud remarkably well.

song is the robot slave. she´s actually not a real person, but a robot. she´s secretly in love with juliet, and will do anything for juliet in hope of receiving 2 seconds of her attention.

the little boy is a poorly directed and an unrealistically dressed actor. (how could a 6 year old be dressed so fashionably if his father is in belgium and his mother is always busy?)

the blind piano tuner is the mortal incarnation of the red balloon. he´s also the hero of the movie. one day he will pop, and the red balloon will send us a replacement to populate the earth.

the parisian neighborhood is the one that always gets represented.


Renee said...

Nicely written, Megan. Your writing is lyrical and lovely. I love J. Binoche, in all of her Incarnations...xo, Renee

zbelnu said...

Me encantó esa película, incluso la Binoche, que antes me molestaba, sus gestos, ese pelo desmadejado, y el globo y la visión china de París...