Friday, July 06, 2007

centuries of waiting

, July 6, 2007:
“In the last two months, 125 mexicans died of heat stroke trying to cross the border”

El país, July 5, 2007: “Un alud sepulta un autobús lleno de pasajeros en México”

Charlotte Observer, June 30, 2007:
Monterrey is flooded; at least 20 dead




Now I know what it must feel like for those cinematic women who waited helplessly for news of their beloveds miles away fighting some war. Looking out the window, fiddling with a hem, rereading the newspaper, mumbling to the maid to recheck to see if the mailman is anywhere near, hoping the sleepy feeling will come soon, staring motionless while the imagination runs wild...

but nowadays war is Voluntary
and Waiting isn't!


Johannes Vermeer, 1654

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