Wednesday, September 27, 2006

un cortitometraje de veraneo

some of my happiest solo moments were the fortunate weekends when after the midday meal i would take a bike out and go riding through the little towns around fontclara...

the air was so fresh!

i recently discovered a very-easy movie making program on my computer called ¨windows movie maker¨ and in about 30 minutes i put together this 1-minute piece of clips i shot with a digital camera in 2005.

if you could have been there!

PS- a friend recommended i change the title from "fontclara en bici" to "siesta" or "nap time." those titles would suggest contrast and explain the absence of people, but "fontclara en bici" is more simple and carefree, what i felt when i was riding... what do you think?
i suppose it´s irrelevant in the greater scheme of things...


Anonymous said...

Megan, I loved the movie, it made me smile! What I really enjoy is how at times the footage seems to speed up and slow down with the sound... Great music too, by the way! :-) Radi

Anonymous said...

Hola Megan,

me encanta tu película, me gusta el movimiento que tiene, el ritmo que imprime y su carácter cíclico. Lo único que no me gusta es que se acaben las vueltas de la lavadora, del celuloide y de la película, en fin, de la vida... a ver si nos obsequias con más
Javier Entrambasaguas

Renee said...

Hola Senora Saltzman,

Du bist ein Regie!
(You're a director!)
Now all you need is a writer...
(guess who?)
an actress...(Iris)
a producer...(your brother)
and a key grip...(Herr Nilson)

Seriously though, this could be the beginning of a wonderful adventure.
Keep with it.


Anonymous said...

I got a lot out of your movie. I giggled my way through the laundry as a beginning tres Hollywood!!! And the laundry at the end. Very clever.

We went on a vacation once to a very boring place. We got there out of season. We had to do our laundry and as we were doing so, we ate in a
greasy spoon. My son (who was about 8 at the time) commented the only
thing going around in this town is the laundry. So when I saw your logo, I really cracked up.

I went to Spain 20 years ago and it was a good refresher course in what
it was like and how it was different than here. I loved the memories that it brought up.

I understand that you are having a very intense year academically. We
are all having an intense year politically, and in nature.

Jim and I were just watching the last segment (of 4) of Back Stairs at the White House (1979). It started in 1909 in segment one and went throught 1961 in segment four. Megan, it wasn't the same world, the
same country, or the same ethics and morality in the mass consciousness.


Migue said...

Hey Megan! I've loved your movie. I am pretty sure though that Fontclara must be in Cataluña or someplace in the north of Spain. During the "siesta" time in Andalucia you could not even ride a bycicle at that time of the day!

About me said...

hola megan!!!

queremos ver mas videos realizados por washing machine productions!!!

me gusta el video, y me causa mucha gracia el nombre de tu productora, jejej, es genial!!!