Tuesday, August 02, 2005

things i saw in the city today

Today I saw so many different things I have to write them down..
A man who had peed his khaki pants.

A man on the street stopped me to ask who I lived with, I answered "I have a housemate," and then he asked me if my housemate had buenos aparatos.

From the privileged high-up view from the 5th floor long window of the biblioteca arxiu historic in the historic quarter of barcelona, looking down over the large Plaça Nova (see photo above), I saw:

grey heavy clouds and a sudden DOWNPOUR. I had never seen it rain so hard before in Barcelona. it hardly ever rains. the gargoyles from the building next-door were vomiting water.
the busy plaza was suddenly abandoned. the pigeons took refuge in the niches between the large facade stones, and the tourists ran to the nearest wall to put their backs against it. i don't know where the locals went, but they disappeared too.
there was just one person that didn't abandon the plaza. she remained right in the middle of it. she was a street performer dressed as an angel. her face and hands were painted white. she lifted her white dress so it wouldn’t get dirty and wet, and then took out a plaid umbrella that didn’t match her attire. she stayed there, slowing walking back and forth with her umbrella.
then from the left appeared a Pakistani immigrant selling umbrellas.
Later in the gothic neighborhood I saw a pigeon dying on the side of a pedestrian street. its head was sunk into its pigeon shoulders and its feathers were matted. i thought of a vet.
And when I looked up I unexpectedly saw Joan! (in a city of 3 million, one of my former housemates and friends.) (he treated me to a piece of chocolate cake.)
I also saw a very large middle-aged African woman sleeping on top of a green sleeping bag on the marble storefront of a closed store. her back was turned away from the street. i thought she might be an immigrant that didn't speak spanish. i thought "shouldn't it be common knowledge to know where the shelters are in case you find someone who is homeless?" i don't know where the shelters are.
update: since that day i have passed the storefront several times and haven't seen her, but folded up neatly to one side of the hearth is her green sleeping bag.
update 1 year later. I spotted this woman laying on a bench in Plaza Urquioana.


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