Monday, February 21, 2011

Sayoonara Part II

Sayoonara Tokyo desu

Sayoonara high-speed internet and fancy toilets

Sayoonara exquisite noodles ~~~~~~~

cute and commendable public transportation

city lights

Sayoonara careful spatial organization and calm weather

Sayoonara to so many people who smiled and greeted me daily but with whom I couldn’t communicate because of my poor language skills

to the humans and cats at Waseda University who made me feel at home and gave me so many ideas,

to the people working (long shifts) at the coffeeshops on Waseda Dori and the 24-hour neighborhood grocery store:

I greatly appreciate your kindness, poise, and different ways. Sumimasen for my inability to tell you so.

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Hide said...

reminded me a lot of Tokyo, I've been missing heaps of stuff. thanks.