Sunday, December 18, 2005

situation 1

Today she did a good deed. She fulfilled part of her purpose in life. She made a harmless situation, and stood back to watch it. She will brag about it: She parked in the Barnes and Nobles parking lot. She turned the car off and to her left she saw a parked Hummer. It occured to her that she had her art supplies with her. She got out a sheet of yellow paper and with a red marker wrote "How many dead bodies does it take to fill your gas tank? Asshole. Find another way to work on your low self-esteem." She was disturbed by having written the word "asshole." For a couple minutes she thought about crossing it out, but in the end she didn't because she thought that the-word-asshole-crossed-out would look silly. Then she got out of the car. Looked around. She was a bit afraid that if she touched the Hummer sirens might go off. She gently placed the yellow sheet under the right windshield wiper with the message facing the interior of the car, and then she went into the store. She felt like people were watching her. She kept an eye on the Hummer from inside the store. About 5 minutes later when she was looking at greeting cards by the window she saw a young skinny Orchard-lake-type (high heels, tight pants, black leather jacket, done-up hair) woman leave the store and approach the Hummer. Ah-ha! So she was the victim! She unlocked and opened the heavy Hummer door and got in. About 10 seconds later she got out of the car! Went around to the front of the car, took the paper off, (didn't throw it away) and got back in the car with the paper in her hand. (From inside the store, she imagined her tossing the paper in the passenger seat.) About 2 seconds later she drove off.
(For both of them, this situation was the excitement of their day.)


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